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Are you fit for growth?

We make many choices daily. And some choices we never make. Because they may be immensely consequential. That makes choosing hard. There’s a lot at stake.

Growing yourself, your team, and your business is such a choice. A deliberate choice that’s easier and better made when you’re fit. Fit in every way.

Self-aware, pro-active, flexible, aligned, vulnerable, intentional, risk-taking, ambitious, listening, curious, creative, entrepreneurial, dynamic, learning, future proof.


In my playbook, you’ll find 10 cues that help you become fit. 10 cues that help create the growth that leads to success and significance.

Change. Performance. Trust.

When I dig deeper with my clients, it always boils down to one of those three. More of it and better. For themselves, their teams, their businesses.

I help leaders and entrepreneurs realize more and better. By becoming fit for the growth they are looking for. Starting with who they are and what they want. Schedule a free 30-minute conversation now to learn more.

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Erikjan Lantink
Coach of Entrepreneurs and Leaders
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Better Starts with Who

TEDx Wassenaar, September 10th, 2020

We live in a world full of disruption and change. A world that makes it easy to be distracted and forget about our dreams. A world where days can go by without hardly noticing.

In this TED talk, I take you on a journey through the desert of change. A desert where it’s easy to get lost if we don’t pay attention to our own reflections, values, and dreams. To make the best of our lives, we need to start with ourselves. Better starts with who.

What I do

I work with executives, leaders, teams, and talent and help them build a better future. I build on the experience I have in general management, retail operations, human resources, and organizational development & learning. I led the HR integration of a large retail merger, facilitated executive teams, coached C-suite leaders, and designed and executed large leadership interventions up to 2000 participants. I’ve been an entrepreneur, consultant, and corporate executive. That’s the foundation for working together successfully on your future.


Leaders and Teams

I coach executives, leaders, teams, and talent and help them understand how a better future always starts with who they are. With that foundation, they will inspire and transform the people and companies they lead, creating a company customers love.


Thinking and Interventions

Good design is half the work. I help you design the best interventions to optimize the performance of your organization. My experience in general management, operations, and HR helps you see all perspectives. Greatness happens only by design. And starts with insights from your customers.


Alignment and Rhythm

Creating and maintaining momentum is the name of the game. I help you and your teams align on strategy, culture, and execution. Then we create rhythm and build momentum. My ‘focus now’ methodology delivers on your ambition and helps create the lasting impact you’re looking for.

What my clients are saying

Erikjan understands leaders and teams. He “hears” the unsaid and reads between the lines. He knows what it takes to get the best out of individuals and teams. He pushes towards high performance. His experience in operations and HR makes him a great partner.

Desire Jansen

Building Materials Europe

My collaboration with Erikjan has been great. I especially appreciated his ability to listen and then suggest simple and practical solutions.

Erikjan leveraged the learning from his rich career without sounding patronizing.

Michal Vajskebr

SpenglerFox Group

When I look back at my cooperation with Erik, it always brings a smile to my face.

He is a natural leader who inspired me every time we met. He always knows the right question to ask. Our meetings were effective and enjoyable at the same time.

Eva Cyprová

Zatisi Group

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