Better Starts with Who

The chances are that you’re here because you’re curious. Curious what I have to say that may help you to grow yourself, your team, and your company. Curious about insights you may get that will help you create lasting impact.

Who we are is the result of a few critical periods and moments in our lives. Moments that have shaped our character, our values, and how we think about the events that happen to us in daily life. Moments that make us better people.

Like me, you’re on a journey to be the best you can be for yourself and others. Doing what you love to do and make an impact. You’re successful in what you do. But something is missing. You know there’s an opportunity for better in your work and your life. But you’re not sure what that opportunity is. Or how to leverage it as good as you can. Right?

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How do I know?

Because I’ve been there as well.  I’ve been on a journey to better for most of my career. Better performance of my teams and me. Better results for my business. A better me, both professionally as personally. There’s always room for better.

Growth is my passion

Growth is an essential part of who we are as human beings. From the second we’re born. It all starts with us. Growth of people means better leaders, better teams, and better business. Better business leads to happy customers, a better future, and more impact.

Better Starts with Who

I coach executives, leaders, teams, and talent and help them understand how a better future always starts with who they are. With that foundation, they will inspire and transform the people and companies they lead, creating a company customers love.

Insight 4 Impact

In my work, I focus on getting from insight to impact. I help design the best possible interventions and solutions for better performance. I know what it takes to get aligned and improve execution. You’ll enjoy the journey.

How I work

What you see is what you get. My focus is on the impact for you. To get there we need to get answers to the questions that matter and that provide us with the insights we need for action. Working together on a better future requires mutual trust. That’s what I aim for.

Straightforward Dialogue

I ask questions others haven’t asked. Expect candid conversation instead of lengthy reports.

Only simple and practical solutions

Retail has taught me to keep things simple and practical. I know what works.

Results at every step of the process

Everything we do together will add value to you and your team.

What leaders are saying

Voices from inspiring leaders I worked with in the past

Erikjan is an intuitive, inspirational business leader with a strong HR orientation. He is able to build talent and teams aligned with a business ambition and has real impact.

Abbe Luersman

Ahold Delhaize

As a former executive, he understands the reality of the clients he serves while supporting new and different approaches to both opportunity and crisis.

Joyce Wilson Sandord

Erikjan brings a practical vision and makes down-to-earth plans. He is never afraid to say his opinion and support it with facts. It was a really good and productive time working with him.

Kostas Macheras