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Are you coachable? For real?

Athletes realize the hard way there’s always space for improvement, which is why nearly every athlete works with a coach.

Are you coachable?

“Who would respond no to that question?”

That’s the question my daughter asked me when she read the headline of my insight today.

My answer to her? “Nobody.”

“So, why do you ask the question?”

“Because I like to make my readers aware that there’s a difference between saying your coachable and actually being coachable.”

“Good luck,” and she left.

Everybody is, in the spirit of the word, coachable.

Nobody is perfect, nobody is without mistakes, and nobody knows it all. Growth is an integral part of our lives.

There simply is always room for improvement.

That makes us, per definition, coachable.

Athletes realize the hard way there’s always space for improvement, which is why nearly every athlete works with a coach.

More and more executives in the business world are warming up to the idea of having a coach.

Many see the added value of having somebody around who has no skin in the game and can ask the right questions.

Questions that may trigger a different perspective, another solution, and therefore a different outcome.

A reflection that the world around them is bigger than they are.

These executives understand that the change they may be looking for starts with them. Better starts with who.

Like athletes, they realize that there always is space for improvement.

That makes them coachable.

The distinction is that they’re not just saying it. They’re also willing to be coached.

The opportunity lies with those people who claim to be coachable, but in fact, are not.

They don’t listen to what is said.

They talk in statements instead of questions.

They’re not willing to consider a different perspective.

They never ever admit mistakes or apologize for their behavior or mistakes.

They know it all and know it better.

Those are the people who are less coachable or not coachable at all.

Who do you have in mind now?

But, more importantly…

Your turn: are you coachable?

Do more of what makes you happy.


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