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Be happy with less. You’ll get more.

What a lone Xmas tree on an Old Town Square can teach us about overcoming adversity and planning for the future.

Yesterday evening, my family and I strolled through downtown Prague.

During Xmas time, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities to be visiting with all its architectonical magic and festive lighting. The pandemic doesn’t change that.

Actually, it did change the experience.

There were a few things significantly different this year, be it that the city itself is still the same. 

I already noticed the difference on our walk towards the Old Town Square. Typically that walk is a slaloming exercise through tourist groups and locals in a hurry.

Not this time. 

Because of the magic, there were still some people on the streets, but saying that it was busy would be a gross exaggeration. 

The most significant difference was the square itself. Usually, the square is the scene of the most beautiful Xmas market in the world (yes, I’m biased).

Not this year.

This year there was the square, small groups of people, and the Xmas tree. 

It was completely different from other years, and that made it magic. 

Instead of a tree standing in between stands selling food, drinks, and little Xmas presents to massive crowds of people, the tree had all the attention for itself. 

Majestically it was conveying a message that everything else may be different this year, but I’m still here.

Less is more.

Also in 2020. Especially in 2020.

As we prepare ourselves for 2021, some of us may experience 2020 as a lost year. 

If your business suffered this year due to the pandemic, it’s an understandable thought.

The consequence of that thought may well be that you will feel you need to play catch-up and make up for what’s lost in 2020. 

More priorities, more projects, more initiatives. More of everything to overcome the loss we may feel. 

That would be the wrong thing to do.

The right thing to do is to accept.

Acceptance is the hardest lesson life teaches and the one most important to learn

Rose Tremain

Accept that 2020 is behind us, and focus on what 2021 can bring. 

Resist the temptation to add more to your plate because that’s what your little voice (or the people around you) is telling you. 

Think about the one or two things you want to accomplish in 2021 that would make it a great year.

Think about outcomes by the end of the year, and then plan your year, your weeks, and your days accordingly.

Schedule one highlight per day that helps you move toward the one or two outcomes you’ve set for yourself in 2021. 

Learn to be happy with less, no matter how hard it is, because you’ll get more in the end. 

That’s the lesson from an old wise Xmas tree, standing by itself on the Old Town Square in Prague.

Do more of what makes you happy.


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