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How I learned to enjoy being in the moment

On days that I don’t make the time to meditate, it’s like something is missing.

I like to meditate in the morning.

It’s a relaxing and calm way to start my day.

Over time, I noticed that I’m more focused on what I aim to do that day when I meditate in the morning.

It’s hard to explain, but it feels like I’m more in control of my actions.

On days that I don’t make the time to meditate, it’s like something is missing.

The start of the day is just different.

I also noticed that there’s a higher chance something will agitate me on days I don’t meditate.

To help me, I started meditating using the Headspace app about two years ago.

Every meditation starts with a quick story and ends with a quote related to the story. It’s a small insight I look forward to daily.

Wednesday’s quote was:

“The goal of meditation isn’t to be without thoughts. The goal is to be without a goal.”


That quote highlights what I love about those 15 minutes at the start of my day.

Fifteen minutes without a goal.

A short period when I’m alone with my breath and my mind.

The practice is the same, but every morning is different.

There are days my mind is all over the place, and it’s hard to quiet my mind. Other days I’m relaxed, and I stay focused for all 15 minutes.

Both are ok.

It doesn’t matter how much I get distracted. As long as I’m aware of the distractions and able to return to my breathing.

Starting my day like this, without a goal for 15 minutes, makes a difference for me.

Those 15 minutes get me ready for a day full of action.

The days I do wake up with a to-do list in my head, get distracted by my smartphone early on, and don’t meditate, are days I enjoy less.

It’s like I’m behind from the get-go.

So, if possible, I make time to meditate in the morning.

Followed by an attempt to find moments during the day to PAUSE (cue 1 in my playbook) and just BE (cue 2 in my playbook) for a few minutes.

Enjoying a few minutes of me-time or appreciate something small.

The sun on my face.

A well-prepared cappuccino.

A few pages in the book I’m reading.

A walk downtown Prague with a friend.

Tiny little moments that make my day more enjoyable.

Moments without a goal, to-do, or any distractions.

Moments created because of those 15 minutes early in the morning.

Your turn: how do you like to start your day?

Do more of what makes you happy!

Happy Friday.


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