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Blue Sky

Blue sky is a great metaphor how to live and love life. No matter what, the blue sky is never far away.

No matter what, the blue sky is always there.

It’s a great metaphor for seeing through difficult situations and times. 

No matter how heavy the storm, how thick the layer of clouds, or how heavy the precipitation is, the blue sky is always there.

How do I know?

A matter of experience. Throughout my life and very recently. 

Recently. I was lucky to spend a week of vacation recently in a country with many blue skies. 

Because I travel a lot and don’t mind the loyalty points that come with it, I could spend a significant amount of points on a luxury destination somewhere warmer.

My wife and I chose the Maldives for our cold winter interruption.

While I don’t believe in bucket lists, this beautiful part of the world has been a dream destination for a while.

It was a week I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

My senses were running on all cylinders that week. 

There was so much inspiration around me that I saw another idea wherever I looked.

That’s what happens when you find yourself in an inspiring environment. 

I made at least ten draft ideas notes that I will explore over the next weeks and turn into an insight. 

It was a week away from reality, but it still is real.

You can tell yourself that these weeks are outside of the normal, but that doesn’t give credit to such a week, and it doesn’t give credit to the normal.

One gets hyped, and the other gets downplayed.

It’s not easy to leave such a place behind and be back in winter weather less than 24 hours later, but that’s the reality. 

You live through cold winters to look forward to bright springs, warm summers, and sunny autumns. 

If you have the possibility, you escape winter for a little and enjoy the sun away from home.

I’m privileged to be able to do so, and when I look around me, I’m not alone.

I’ve learned to enjoy these moments of the blue sky because I also know the clouds are never far away.

But when the clouds come in, I also know the blue sky is still there.

That’s what I’m reminded of when I think back to the blue skies in the Maldives.

For one week, I enjoyed blue skies and the fifty shades of blue in the ocean.

But, there was not one moment I took this beauty for granted.

I soaked it in every possible opportunity I had.

When I woke up, I went outside and looked at the ocean. I enjoyed my run seeing the sunrise and my glass of wine witnessing the sunset.

I hardly read anything during the week, continuously aware of all the beauty around me.

It never got boring. 

Some say the Maldives get boring after one week because there’s not much else to do.

It never got boring for me. I enjoyed every minute awake, taking in all those shades of blue. 

I was happy, content, and grateful to experience it.

My week away from winter became the perfect metaphor that no matter how thick the layers of clouds are, the blue sky is always there, ready to show up.

Sometimes, you must see through and start looking for your blue sky.

Your turn: How far away is your blue sky?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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