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Discover the new meaning of “get a room!”

Clubhouse has a low entry threshold. You have immediate access to like-minded people who are interested in the topic. When you believe a connection is worthwhile, you start following the person.

Have you discovered Clubhouse yet?

If not, I believe you soon will. Unless you have not yet woken up from winter hibernation. Which is totally understandable given the context we live in these days.

Clubhouse is a new social media application that combines community and podcasting (voice only).

The threshold to join and start your own ‘room’ is very low, and within seconds you can be talking to like-minded people about a subject you’re passionate about.

‘Go get a room’ is getting a whole new meaning.

I joined a room on Saturday about goal setting, which was in itself, content-wise, interesting. I wanted to have some inspiration for my insight on goals, so I decided to join a clubhouse room.

Allow me first to talk a bit more about the Clubhouse experience.

Beyond the conversation on goals, I found it even more interesting to scroll through the people attending.

You have immediate access to like-minded people who are interested in the topic. When you believe a connection is worthwhile, you start following the person.

The keywords here are: likeminded, immediate, transparent, and low threshold.

If you’re curious about human purpose and behavior, and I am, it pays off to spend a bit of time checking out the profiles.

It’s a crash course in combined marketing and psychology.

Let me just tell you that the way I talk about myself is beyond boring compared to what I’ve seen on Clubhouse.

You can connect with a ‘happiness at work coach’ or ‘speaker mentor and thought leader coach.’

Poor me. I’m just a business coach. And, since last weekend with a profiling issue.

Lesson learned (or better confirmed), the more specific you can be about who you serve and what you have to offer, the more likely you will attract business.

For fun, I decided to log in twice more.

Once on Sunday and once on Monday.

Just to discover what my experience would be and what I would find. I did not have a concrete room I wanted to listen to.

My first discovery was that all those coaches are currently listening to each other and not serving customers. Luckily, I just spent 90 billable minutes with a client, so I didn’t feel bad.

The second discovery was that even our Dutch prime minister is listening in occasionally. Seeing his photo online was a bit of a surprise.

Why was HE there?

Does he need ‘happiness at work’ or a ‘thought leader’ coach?

We have elections coming up, so who knows.

Or perhaps he also wanted to get a feel for what this Clubhouse was all about. And see what the riffraff of the Dutchies was doing on a Sunday morning.

He was there, and he probably had a good reason for it.

Later on Sunday, we saw him in his hoodie on a bicycle going to another meeting of the Coronavirus crisis team.

Happiness at work.

I digress.

So much so, that my story on goals will be my next insight. Time and words fly when you’re having fun.

My conclusion for today’s insight…

I’m fascinated by how fast things come (and perhaps also go) these days.

Tik Tok, Signal, Clubhouse, are all relatively new media we didn’t know months ago. Tik Tok perhaps a bit longer.

Facebook seems almost prehistorical by now.

I love the disruption all around us.

It makes me happy that anybody with an idea and the determination to execute can make his/her world makeable.

And it amuses me to see the powers that be struggling with it.

The big question is what will stick and what not?

Will we see continued fragmentation, or will there be another mass social medium, like Facebook once was?

My gut feel tells me that the fragmentation will continue and that like-mindedness (purpose, profession, age) will be the driver. 

Two things are crucial if you want to stand out and be visible in this continuously changing and fragmented world.

First, you need to be highly aware of who you are yourself. What’s your proposition, and what do you stand for.

Second, you need to know where to find your like-minded ‘fans.’ Because if they’re not your fans, they may ‘leave you quietly.’ And Clubhouse users know what I mean by that. 

The more specific you can answer both questions for yourself, the better your business will be.

Those are my lessons and also the challenges for myself.

Your turn: Are you on Clubhouse? And if so, have you hosted a room yet? What was your topic? Let me know.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Go get a room.


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