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Curiosity is a superpower. 18 qualities of curious leaders.

Curious leaders outperform. Time and time again.

Should I ask this as a question or make a statement out of it?

That’s the question I’m asking myself, pondering the title for this insight. 

If I’m true to my point about curiosity, I should write it as a question. 

Why is curiosity a superpower?

But today, I prefer a statement. Because I’m pissed.

Sometimes that happens. Like everyone, there are days I’m a little less accommodating to myself and the world around me.

First and foremost, I’m pissed because it’s unreasonably cold outside. 

I have trouble typing this message because my hands are frozen.

It’s time for spring to start, but it’s still far away.

Most of all, I’m pissed because I’m losing faith in the collective learning capability of humankind. 

I’m still hoping humility will eventually conquer ego, but I’m getting less hopeful.

The number of bad leaders is actually increasing rather than decreasing.

Our natural ability to be curious, which we got when we were born, is deteriorating at a rapid pace.

The world as we know it is setting us up to polarize, divide, demonstrate power, and fight for our perspective.

We live in a world where it’s not a question anymore if the world is changing, but how fast.

Everything around us happens at lightning speed. Before we know it, we’ve missed an essential turn.

That feeling of losing control freaks some people out. They’re trying to hold on to dear life and dear history. 

Add in the fact that algorithms are increasingly showing us only what they perceive we need to know, and it’s obvious (to those curious) that our sphere of objective knowledge is decreasing. 

The more we hold on to the past, the more we let ourselves be influenced by the same sources, and the more we try to be in control, the more we’re losing out.

There’s only one remedy.

Accept the fact that this is the way it is.

Change is here to stay and will only go faster. Those who adapt quickly will survive.

It’s the survival of the fittest.

And the fittest are not those with power, titles, ego, and IQ.

It will be game over for the good old hard-driving egos at some point.

Those who will be in the driving seat soon are those who:
  • stay hungry
  • don’t take any perspective for face value
  • are not afraid to change their mind
  • experiment
  • learn from mistakes
  • adapt to changing circumstances
  • ask great questions
  • look in the mirror
  • reflect daily
  • don’t care about hierarchy
  • don’t take themselves too seriously
  • care
  • show empathy
  • listen
  • deliberately practice
  • experiment
  • understand a great idea can come from anyone, not just those higher in rank
  • easily able to fill in the dots above with more qualities

People who tick most of the boxes above are our future leaders.

They possess curiosity as a superpower.

Your turn?
Do more of what makes you happy!


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