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Extended Summer Pause

Athletes know that if you want to perform consistently at a high level over a more extended period, you need to build in periods of rest.

A few months have passed since my last post, “Maktub” in the middle of July.

It was time to pause. It was time for a break and to practice what I preach. In every profession, it’s important to rest, reflect, and recharge your batteries every once in a while.

Just ask any high-performing athlete.

Athletes understand the importance of resting your body and mind. Athletes know that if you want to perform consistently at a high level over a more extended period, you need to build in periods of rest.

I do not want to compare blog writing with the performance of an athlete, but after 18+ months of continuous publishing, it was time for a break.

Not just because of the blog writing but also because of reviewing the work I’ve been doing independently for five years.

Helping leaders and teams grow. Serving them with my best so they can be the best.

It was time for a break to review the things I love to do, the things I don’t care about, and the things I miss in my work. 

July and August were great for that. Clients take a break before they dive into budget season full force in September.

Happy with the performance so far, or concerned about the catch-up they have to do in the past few months of the year?

September is the month of looking back and forward. It’s a natural break of the year between a more quiet summer, anticipating the remainder of the year and planning for the year(s) to come. From then on, business is back in full force.

As you read this, you’re probably overwhelmed by the year-end pressures and the plans for next year. 

Some businesses wait with their planning until December or even January when a new year has already started. 

They wait. But why exactly?

Because they don’t have time? That’s nonsense. It just means planning is not a priority to them, and they don’t value its importance.

Planning matters. And those who perform well often have a sound process they execute with discipline.

Back to my extended summer pause.

My biggest lesson?

I started taking learning for granted.

I have read a lot in the past few months — both good old paper books and audiobooks.

I read (past tense) more than I usually do. 

I loved it. 

So much so that I am determined to keep reading as much as I did during the past months.

Because of the inspiration, the insights, the energy, and the awareness I got from it.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Obviously, that also means something has got to give. 

Less social media.

I deleted my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I’ll continue to be on LinkedIn, although I have yet to be active.

Less watching sports. I love sports. But I can be more selective in what I watch and don’t.

A good book delivers more satisfaction and energy than a sports match. 

I’ve also reviewed my habits.

As I wrote before my break, we need to review now and then whether our habits are working for us.

Do your habits deliver the outcome you’re looking for?

I want my morning routine to set me up for an inspiring and connected day. 

That was only sometimes the case, and I was going through the motions. So, I changed it up and allowed myself more flexibility.

Flexibility is the keyword here.

Habits are crucial to deliver on your intentions. But when they become rigid, and you lose sight of their meaning, you need to change it.

Long story short, I’ve become more intentional about my purpose, my plans for the future, my daily activities, and who I connect with.

I am more intentional about who I want to be and what to do going forward.

Welcome back to me.

Do more of what makes you happy!


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