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It’s Fitness Tourist time! Again.

Whatever your goals are for the next five years, or perhaps just for 2023, you have to think through the process and not give sheer willpower a chance to subside.

Happy New Year!

Twenty Twenty Three.

I wouldn’t say I like it.

I don’t like odd years. I don’t know why, but even years are more compelling.

Twenty-Twenty-Two sounded so much better. That’s water under the bridge now.

This is day three of the next five years. 

Two days are done, 1824 days to go.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read my last post of twenty twenty-two about five-year planning.

Perhaps a ridiculous idea, given the world we live in, but why not look ahead a little further and envision what life could look like in 2028?

Back to day three.

Are you a Fitness Tourist or a Marathon Runner?

A fitness tourist quits after two weeks in the gym and falls back into old habits. 

A marathon runner understands that completing a marathon requires training, consistency, endurance, and vision.

I’ve been both in my life.

Earlier in my life, I often started years with many resolutions and good intentions, only to quit after a few weeks.

I was a fitness tourist in my life.

Sheer willpower was not enough and never will be.

Habits were not formed in those first few days, so falling back into old patterns was easy.

Until next year. Until the next try.

Sounds familiar?

Remember, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome.

It was insane.

And that’s what many people do at the start of each year.

Building insane expectations disguised as resolutions or intentions without solid thinking underneath.

Then I learned how to get better properly.

My goal never was to run a marathon.

My goal was to get fit and healthy.

I knew I needed a support system to build consistency that would lead to newly formed habits.

So we started running together with some colleagues from work. Sometime in April or May, I don’t remember.

We helped each other through those first few weeks until we started seeing the results, enjoyed running, and began to see habits being formed.

I became a runner in 2006 and never stopped.

The marathon in 2009 was the icing on the cake of being a runner. More importantly, I’m fit and healthy today (knock on wood).

Whatever your goals are for the next five years, or perhaps just for 2023, you have to think through the process and not give sheer willpower a chance to subside.

Erikjan Lantink

What’s my vision?

Why does it matter?

How will I accomplish my vision?

What habits do I need to build to be successful?

What milestones can I set for myself to measure progress?

How will I deal with setbacks?

Who (or what, like an app) can help me accomplish my vision, be my supporter, and give me a kick in the butt when I need it?

Thinking through this process works for every major area in life, whether it’s health, wealth, or relationships.

Including the relationship you have with yourself.

This is not just about weight loss or dieting.

This is about every goal you may have in your life.

It’s your life!!

Your turn: How will you show up in 2023?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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