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In business, we see people who are unclear on the company’s direction, who are not skilled to execute what is required, and we see teams that are not ready to execute at the highest level.


You’re attending a concert of your favorite band, and suddenly you discover that some of the band members do not know how to play their instrument.

Or they are not clear which song they’re going to play.

If concerts are not your thing, then replace the band with the people in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, the players on your favorite sports team, or the pit crew of your formula one racing team.

The result?

The music sounds horrible. Food is not being served or not properly cooked. Your sports team loses the match. The pitstop of the racing team takes forever because one tire is missing.

Hard to imagine, right?

We don’t see this happening very often in the abovementioned examples.

Whether it’s a band, a kitchen crew, a sports team, or a pit crew, in each case, the people on the team are adequately trained and have practiced sometimes for years to be whether they are, everyone is clear on the goals, and ready to execute.

All the pieces are perfectly aligned.

They’re ready to execute in concert, meaning that all the pieces know exactly what needs to be done to deliver the expected result.

Business is a different story.

In business, we see people who are unclear on the company’s direction, who are not skilled to execute what is required, and we see teams that are not ready to execute at the highest level.

Let alone showing any signs of being a true team.

And still, things get executed, and results are being achieved.

But are you happy with those results? Or do you know very well that much more is possible?

What stops you from going for what you know is possible?

No time to invest in your team?

No time to have those conversations your people need?

No time (or resources) to invest in the growth of your people.

No willingness to consider a well-balanced, modern, and productive work model?

No capability to redesign and transform your organization to meet new ways of working?

No time or energy to understand why your people are disengaged and thinking about leaving the company?

No time …

Because your business needs to be managed.

I get it. I’ve been where you are. I’ve seen many teams and businesses making the same mistakes.

And, I’ve seen the opposite.

I’ve been working with CEOs and their teams that did understand what’s needed.

I’ve seen companies that made time to invest in the future.

That figured out a way to transform their business.

Companies that started to invest in the growth of their people.

Companies that made an effort to truly understand the needs of their customers.

Executive teams that were willing to look at themselves and lead differently because they knew they were the ones that could change the culture.

I’ve seen leaders witnessing engagement increase dramatically because they started to have the right conversations with their people.

I’ve been part of and led these types of transformations.

The first step to growing in concert is always the same and not that hard.

Start with a conversation.

I’m offering you a free 30’ growth conversation to discuss your opportunities. Click the link above to schedule.

Your turn: can you, your team, and your business do much better?

Let me know.

Do more of what makes you happy!


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