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How hungry are you?

As we start 2024, here’s the most important question of all.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

This week, just one Insight from me due to the holidays. We have a few more days until 2024 starts, and we start a new cycle of 366 days. 

Yes, 2024 is a leap year. So one day extra to excel.

Let’s start with a question.

How hungry are you?

How hungry are you to fulfill the dreams you have set for yourself, your team, and your organization?

What pain are you willing to endure? What choices are you willing to make? What sacrifices are ahead of you on your journey to growth and fulfillment? 

What mountains do you need to move to get what you want?

The more you want something, the more likely you will get it.

For the sake of the argument, it doesn’t matter whether your focus is on the organization you lead, the team you’re in charge of, or on yourself.

I will get to that distinction later.

Right now, what matters most is your hunger to succeed.

And only you know what success means to you.

For some, it’s learning daily and growing ourselves.

For others, it’s serving those around us and helping them achieve their goals.

Or earn as much money as possible to live a comfortable life. 

Success has many different fathers. 

But they all result from the untamable desire to achieve what’s in your mind. 

That’s what hunger is all about.

That separates those who succeed and achieve their goals from those who don’t.

Of course, success can be a matter of time. 

You may have your goals clear. You may have the proper focus. You may have the right mindset to get where you want to go.

The only thing missing is the time to get there. 

Success is just a matter of time.

If that’s you, keep going. You will get there. 

But what if time is not the only factor? 

What if more time has passed than you wanted, and you’re not there? What if you doubt you will succeed just by letting time do its job?

What if you’re not as hungry as you want to be?

Can you admit that to yourself?

Can you stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself, and acknowledge that the fire you need may not be there?

That you’re not as hungry as you used to be. 

Or perhaps you have that hunger inside of you, but your team or organization does not share the same passion!

What if?

What if the competition wants it more than you do?

That’s basically what success is all about.

Who wants it more?

If that’s not you, we need to talk.

Because what you’ve read above is basically what it’s all about.

You can come up with excuses why things are not coming your way.

But if you don’t own up to your shortcomings, it won’t work.

The first step is that you buy into this story. That you acknowledge that something is missing. 

And if it’s not you, but your team, it’s still you. 

They need to buy into your story. 

You need to unleash that fire inside of you and inside of them. 

If you are hungry, but your people are not, you need to get them to buy in and make them hungry.

Let’s begin.

Your turn: How hungry are you?


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