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How to start 2022 well?

We can’t judge whether we are still on the right path if we never look around and consider different paths.

22 (BIG) little experiments to consider

My last post for 2021. On this last day of 2021.

What a year it has been. 

Over the past weeks, I’ve reflected enough, so it’s time to look forward now.

Tomorrow we’ll start 2022 together, and as always, there is a lot to look forward to, and there are also lots of reasons to be optimistic.

To start with the C-word. We’re resilient people. We will figure this out. Yes, it takes much more than expected, but in the end, we, human beings, will come out on top.

Recently, I spoke about the need for inspiring consistency and a little chaos.

We need consistency to execute our plans successfully and do things right.

We also need to make sure that we do the right things.

Doing the right things requires disruption, challenge, and creativity.

We can’t judge whether we are still on the right path if we never look around and consider different paths.

We need a little chaos to get to the right things.

You can exercise the same muscle repeatedly, and technically you do it all right. But, you need to confuse muscles to grow them. 

The same holds for business. 

Like our muscles, we need change.

A little confusion causing disruption, challenge, and creativity can go a long way. That’s what I mean with a little chaos.

Therefore, on this last day of 2021, I’m advocating for more experimentation in 2022. 

Disrupt your routines, challenge your thinking, stimulate creativity, and confuse your brain.

Here are 22 little experiments for 2022 to consider (my good friend Blake Wittman helped me brainstorm them). 

You can do them all, or you can just pick one. As long as you commit, do it, and learn.

The purpose is to create new learning and potentially a new habit.

Here’s the list.

  1. Ask every day how someone’s day was (Inclusion).
  2. Write three ideas down every day (Creativity).
  3. Practice three minutes of meditation (Mindfulness).
  4. Commit to one minute of exercise (Fitness).
  5. Be conscious daily about what you appreciate (Gratitude).
  6. Start an information detox (Sanity).
  7. Declutter something in your house every week (or month) (Structure).
  8. End every shower with one minute of cold water (Health).
  9. Find one thing you do consistently every day (Execution).
  10. Read ten pages daily (Inspiration).
  11. Observe people somewhere for one hour (Perspective).
  12. Do something nice, like out-of-the-ordinary friendly, for someone else for no reason. Pay for their food. Help carry an older person’s bags. (Kindness).
  13. Re-experience one of your childhood hobbies (Enjoyment).
  14. Schedule regular breaks in your calendar for ME time (Mental health).
  15. Schedule (block) time that you work on your stuff, so you own your schedule (Productivity)
  16. Leave your mobile phone out of the bedroom (Health).
  17. Use a focus app (like Forest) to limit distractions and remain focused (Productivity).
  18. Call an old friend once a month (Relationships).
  19. Start greeting people consistently, say thank you more often. Don’t be kind just during the holidays. Be kind daily (Kindness).
  20. Have one DO goal, meaning something you really want to do (Focus).
  21. Find one BE goal, meaning something about you that you want to grow further (Awareness).
  22. Write your future self a letter (Vision).

Commit to ONE. Just one.

But, feel free to do them all.

In that case, please keep me informed. I’d love to know how it played out for you. Please, email me also with questions or further understanding.

Let me conclude with my wish for 2022.

Do something different. Enjoy the experiments. Create learning and new habits for yourself.

Your turn: Which experiment(s) will you pick?

Happy New Year! Do more of what makes you happy!


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