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Why you need a coach!

One simple reason why it’s good to have someone help you achieve your goals. Plus, a few questions to reflect on.

You need a coach!

You may disagree, but I invite you to read on.

Next Tuesday, I’ll share the opening rate of my insight today, claiming that you need a coach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the rate is lower than usual because many of my readers do not think they need a coach.

I would also not be surprised if some of my readers, who don’t open my emails every time, decided to read what I had to say this time.

Headlines matter, and this headline might have put some people off and created some curiosity in others.

Back to the subject.

You need a coach for one very simple reason.

You can’t figure out all the important questions you have by yourself.

Some questions you may need to be made aware of.

The coaching profession has exploded over the past (Covid) years, which has positive and negative implications.

Positive because more people recognize that a good coach can help them grow and accomplish their goals in life.

Negative because everyone can claim to be a coach. There are a lot of so-called coaches without proper experience or certification.

It’s a blood-red ocean of coaches these days.

And it’s not easy to recognize who’s good and who’s not. Many coaches copy each other, use standard templates to write their marketing messages, and have slick websites.

But when they start coaching, they’re one-trick ponies and often don’t know how to help a person with their questions.

Therefore, do your homework, ask for credentials, and check a few references.

The main reason why a good coach can be instrumental in figuring out questions you may have is that a good coach does not have skin in the game.

In other words, they are impartial and have only your best interest in mind.

A good coach serves you.

A good boss or peer at work may help figure things out for you but still has clear skin in the game. Their performance depends on your performance as well. 

Per definition, feedback from people who work for you is not objective. You’re their boss and, in a way, responsible for their pay-check.

Friends and family are not impartial. They often see what’s good for you through their lens, focusing on what’s good for them.

Therefore, investing in an external coach who focuses on your personal growth and happiness pays off.

The past few pandemic years have caused many people to change their views on life and work.

Disrupting ingrained habits and rituals has forced people to look at work and life differently.

Even more so, when many were asked to return to the office, the new habits and rituals were tested.

Many people woke up.

Almost literally.

And started to ask themselves some questions:

  • Is this all there is?
  • Is this the person I want to become?
  • How do I gain more freedom in my life and at work?
  • How can I start enjoying my work again?
  • What if I changed my career?
  • I enjoy my work but realize there’s more in it for the people I work with and me. What is it, and how do I get there?
  • I’m not out to change jobs, but I also don’t want to spend every hour of every day in the office. My company is reluctant; how do I get what I need?
  • How can I be a better leader for my team?

These are some of the questions I hear and see people wrestle with. And a good coach helps you answer these questions.

Just give it a thought.

Your turn: why do YOU need a coach?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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