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Discover the method to my madness

Adapt or die. Discover the method to YOUR madness.

We’re all a bit mad.

Acting as if the things we’re engaged in in our lives are all cleverly thought through.

Acting as if we know exactly what we’re doing. 

We’re not. 

Most of our lives is made up. 

Money is made up. Democracy is made up. The recipe for your dinner is made up. Calories are made up. Football rules are made up. Traffic rules are made up. The fact you go to a job and get paid for it is made up. Our jobs are made up. 

It’s all made up.

So we might as well make up something different.

Something more compelling.

If you have a new model leading to world peace, you just need to convince enough people to adopt it. 

If you have an idea of how to transform hard-driving, self-centered, directive leaders in one go into empathic, people-driven, participative leaders, please go ahead and do so.

The world needs you.

It’s all made up, so if you have ideas to improve our time on this planet, you should show up and do it.

Not for the money but because you owe it to this quickly deteriorating globe of ours.

You may think that the world would turn into chaos if we stopped complying with the general rules and agreements we’ve made together.

And, of course, that’s true.

When we send our kids to a different school every day, because that’s also made up, our kids will not get the education they need to advance.

When we try to buy a private airplane without money in our account, we won’t get the transaction done.

When everybody starts acting ‘out of control, ‘ our world will be in turmoil. 

We need order.

But the world is already in chaos.

Those co-exist at the moment. 

Kids can already do their homework with chatGTP and cheat the system.

The classical job of CFOs will soon not be needed anymore. Systems will do the work significantly more efficiently and without mistakes. 

Artificial intelligence can do most of our tasks faster and better.

We have to rethink the way we do things. That CFO must rely on the story they are telling.

Dealing with change as such is not the story anymore. Realizing that many of us don’t know how to deal with change.

Knowing how to deal with the speed of change is the story. 

If you don’t adapt, you die (figuratively).

And, going back to an old marketing rule, you die if you don’t differentiate.

Technology and systems are taking over. 

Planes can land in a dense fog these days (I just experienced it while typing this story) because of fully automated landing systems.

Pilots need to key in the flight data, and the plane takes over.

In the end, there will be only one thing left. 

Who we are as individuals. How we leverage who we are while interacting with others.

Everything else can be automated, copied, or created with machines. 

Get ready!

Better start with who! That’s the method to MY madness.

Your turn: How are you different from all those other 8 billion human beings? 

Do more of what makes you happy!


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