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Simple. Not easy.

Three questions to ponder for a memorable year ahead.

“It’s not that simple.”

How many times have you heard that sentence spoken to you? Or how many times have you used that message yourself?

When people use those five words (it’s counts as two words), they often make excuses for something that wasn’t done.

Of course, many things in life are complex. 

I’m sure writing the code behind ChatGPT was complex. If everybody could do that, it would have been invented long ago. 

But… once those brilliant minds of ChatGPT put their heads together, knowing they had the capabilities to develop the code, they made it happen.

I’ve often spoken about writing a book, but I still need to do it. I could easily tell you that writing a book is not that simple. The truth is that I have most of the content written in raw format. I just need to edit the whole piece and turn it into a book.

Just. Do it.

Many things in life are simple if we approach them with the right mindset, prioritize them, and do what needs to be done.

Mindset. Priority. Execute.

Those are the three words that make things simple. But when we look at those a little deeper, we know why we often conclude that it’s not that simple. 

And that’s the wrong conclusion. 

It still is simple. It’s just not easy.

Writing a book is simple but not easy. Losing weight and maintaining that weight is simple, but not easy. Running a marathon is simple, but not easy.

We are confusing simple for easy.

As we are approaching a new year, 2024, you may have set some ambitious goals for yourself, your team, and your organization.

And unless you have lost your mind completely and set some goals that are upfront already not attainable, which also happens, you hopefully feel good about the chance you will meet your goals. 

Until reality kicks in.

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”
Moltke the Elder

That enemy is you, and then everything that happens in your context. You need to prepare yourself for the unforeseen and the possibility you may lose sight of your goals quickly.

Here are three core questions you can ask yourself that will help you make 2024 a memorable year:

First, what mindset do you need to achieve your goals?

Is this (your goals) really what you want? Do your goals appeal to you? Do they inspire you (and others)? Do you want to achieve them? Do they fit within your team or organization? Are they easy to explain? How will you learn? Do your goals scare you a little and get you out of your comfort zone? 

Second, how will you prioritize?

How will you make choices about what matters and what does not? What happens when ‘other’ priorities pop up? How will you ensure the right things get executed? How will you say NO, if needed? How will you adapt, if needed? Who decides?

Third, how will you execute?

How will you ensure that every day, you’re working towards your goals? What do you need to do differently in your daily routines to make that happen? How will you know you’re doing well? What checks and balances do you need to build in? Who can help you?

Mindset. Prioritize. Execute.

Simple. Not easy.

Happy holidays!

Your turn: Simple?


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