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Really? 2.0 Speed – What is your hurry?

Here’s what you will miss by going faster. Why speed reading is not a good idea.

At what speed do you listen to audiobooks or podcasts?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re one of my kind. You’re unaware you can playback your favorite media at a different speed.

Frankly, until recently, I didn’t know either.

Until a client of mine, who I had given a tip for an audiobook in the morning, came back to me the next day stating:

“Done. Do you have any more tips?”

I asked him whether he had been listening continuously for the whole day, to which he replied that he had listened to all his audiobooks at double speed.

Wow, I said. That’s interesting and also a pity.

After a lightly heated debate about whether listening to books at double speed was helpful, we agreed to disagree.

I was reminded of our conversation this morning in the gym when I started to listen to the book “More Time to Think” by Nancy Kline.

It’s the sequel to her first book called “Time to Think.”

The reason I got reminded of my double-speed conversation was not only the book’s content but the way the author narrates it.

Unlike many authors, she narrates her books. And I completely understand why.

She has a calm, pleasant, and easy to listen to voice and pronounces her words in clear English.

Even more important, her beautiful pace perfectly fits the content she’s bringing you.

Voice, pace, and content work together in harmony. It’s like they’re beautifully orchestrated together. And they probably are.

Therefore, it’s plain rude to interrupt that by clicking double speed.

But even more important, you will miss an essential part of the book.


The silence the author often brings up is essential when thinking properly and effectively.

It’s essential in life to let silence do its work. To let silence do the heavy lifting.

The pauses the author builds in while narrating the book are essential for learning.

She gets it. I get it.

And anyone who clicks to double speed does not get it.

Her book discusses the equations that have become normal in our lives.

“Rushed equals Importance.”

“Tense equals Focused.” 

“Tight equals Professional.”

“Pressured equals Alive.”

That’s what those who click double-speed believe.

Here’s what I believe, and I stole it from the book because it’s well phrased.

“Ease equals quality.”

Or, as I put it, it pays off when you slow down. If anything, it allows you to speed up later if that’s your wish.

Pay attention and be prepared to be nowhere else when you do so. Show you’re interested and listen so that it’s obvious to the speaker that you’re truly listening.

Because it’s also apparent when you don’t.

And if you’re still not convinced you should listen at normal speed, let me ask you this question.

Your turn: What’s your hurry?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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