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The world deserves better leaders

If your purpose is connected to your company’s purpose and you can demonstrate how the world benefits from what you do, you are contributing to a better future.

The world deserves better leaders.

That’s why I do what I do.

I help leaders and teams grow and be the best they can be for themselves and the people they work with.

Doing what I do will help improve our collective human experience, one leader, one conversation at a time.

Ambitious. Yes.

Naive. Maybe.

Waste of time. No.

If we’re not collectively able to combine our personal ambitions and self-interest with the needs of the people and teams around us, we’re about to walk right off a cliff.


Our world has gotten out of control. 

There are so many different angles I can take to reflect on what’s needed, but it all boils down to the fact that we need more leaders who can connect people across borders, cultures, and beliefs.

As Andy from Headspace puts it, “only in realizing the simple truth of our shared human condition can we discover inner and outer peace.”

Unfortunately, the massive algorithms in our lives are increasingly showing us only the things we like to read, hear, consume, etc.

We’re getting brainwashed without realizing it. 

It’s not a coincidence that more and more people believe fake news. Social media is becoming the truth in our lives. 

Technology, social media, and online behavior further drive us apart.

We don’t make time anymore for dialogue; our capability to listen is worse than ever, and we find it harder to see someone else’s perspective.

Because it’s becoming easier and easier to buy in for our perspectives. One click, and someone will ‘like’ you.

There’s only one way out of this.

Better leadership.

We need leaders who can connect.

Connect people.

Connect purpose.

Connect culture.

Connect our shared human condition.

Leaders who see possibility in this increasingly hostile world by connecting people.

Leaders who understand that it starts with them and who they are.

That’s the opportunity.

If your purpose is connected to your company’s purpose and you can demonstrate how the world benefits from what you do, you are contributing to a better future.

Your purpose should unite, not divide.

And yes, you can still grow and develop yourself. 

You can still make money and earn bonuses. You can still contribute to the profit of your company. 

But you’re also contributing to a better world by having an inspiring, connecting, and uniting purpose.

To end where I started:

I offer coaching and facilitation programs to leaders of companies.

My programs help those leaders grow themselves and their teams, one conversation at a time.

Because our world deserves better leaders. 

Your turn: how will you become a better leader?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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