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How do you know if you’re winning?

Create a clear purpose for yourself, know who you are and where you’re going, and you won’t have a problem finding the things you love and enjoy every day.

I love winning, and I hate losing.

Big words. Love and hate.

As usual, it triggers a memory. 

In this case of a great song by Michael Kiwanuka that I listen to frequently.

Worth taking a short break and listening to the song.

Great voice.

“You can’t take me down.”

Michael Kiwanuka

Winning, to me, is related to sports and only sports. 

I know how to win in sports.

I’m competitive, but predominantly with myself and when it concerns the teams I support.

I like to challenge myself and get better. What others think is less important to me unless they provide sound advice.

I use Strava to monitor my progress for cycling and running, not to share or gain likes. That part is Facebook to me.

Challenging myself is also why I love playing golf.

It’s a mind game that pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

You can win a match, but you can never win at the game of golf. 

The moment you think you’ve mastered the game, you fall apart on your next try. 

You can do your best to get better every time, but you’ll never be a master of the game. 

Golf is an infinite game.

So is life.

Our time on this earth is finite, but how we live and spend our days is infinite.

“I need something; give me something wonderful.”

Michael Kiwanuka

How do you know if you’re winning at life?

When there’s enough money in the bank account? 

There’s never enough, anyway. We always like to have more, right?

Or are you winning when you can go to bed every day, saying to yourself that you did your best to enjoy your day?

You’re not going to win the game of life if you strictly go by the definition of beating the odds of living or outliving everybody else.

Here’s my definition of winning at life.

Create a clear purpose for yourself, know who you are and where you’re going, and you won’t have a problem finding the things you love and enjoy every day.

Erikjan Lantink

And, this won’t happen to you either.

“She won’t take me somewhere I’m not supposed to be.”

Michael Kiwanuka

“Going somewhere where you are supposed to be” requires you to be self-aware. 

Self-aware you only become when you make time to reflect and draw sound conclusions. 

THIS is who I am!

THIS is where I’m going!

THIS is what I love to do!


THIS is what I say YES to; therefore, this is what I say NO to!

Knowing this will help you to accept yourself and lead yourself with compassion. 

“No more pain and no more shame and misery.”

Michael Kiwanuka

That’s how you learn to put yourself first, build a healthy level of self-esteem and operate in your best interest. 

That’s how you become your coach and win at life!

Your turn: How do you know if you’re winning?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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