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You can be more

We’ve identified ourselves so much with our past achievements that it’s hard even to imagine that there’s more.

Start by leaving your past behind you

Recently I shared an insight about my love for writing and how it helps me to grow myself and others.

I’m 54 years old and still with a life ahead of me. Growing is part of me every single day. A day without learning is a day not lived.

I realize I won’t have as much time anymore as I had when I was twenty, but if you think about it days, there’s still a lot that can be done.

Unfortunately, the world is not teaching us as much.

We’re reminded daily that we’re getting older, not just by ourselves and our bodies, but by the messages we’re faced with.

(Younger) people are stating that we’re old. Friends who have a hard time finding a job because they’re considered old (and therefore expensive).

Commercials point us at our flaws because of our age.

When living in the US, the most advertised products during the commercial breaks of golf tournaments were pills for erectile dysfunction.

I was late thirty or early forty back then, loved watching Tiger play golf, and didn’t consider myself part of the target group.

The whole damn world is telling us we’re running out of time.


… I want to become more…

I can be more.

All of us can be more.

Marshall Goldsmith, in his book ‘The Earned Life,’ says it like this:

“The truth is, I was so settled in my comfort zone and stunted by inertia that I had to rely on others to push me out of my bubble and start earning my next beginning.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Often when one chapter ends, we don’t know how to begin the next chapter.

We’ve identified ourselves so much with our past achievements that it’s hard even to imagine that there’s more.

Here are a few tips on your path to becoming more:

  1. Don’t dwell on the past. It’s over. Every end is a new beginning. But you won’t transition successfully if you can’t put closure to it. Closure is the most underestimated element in a successful transition.

  2. If you like the fact that you were some hotshot c-suite executive, wake up. The world doesn’t care if you had a fancy title in the past. Most people ‘admired’ you because of your title, not because of who you are. Find those who care about you. 

  3. Get out. Make time to show yourself new places with different people. Discover that the world has moved on and has a lot to offer while you were sitting in your office. Really, it’s hard to imagine how much is out there when you spend 60+ hours doing your work.

  4. Search there, where you find your energy and love for the things you do. Mine is inspiring people to grow themselves and their teams. Writing is one way of accomplishing that. Search out of your comfort zone, but watch your energy levels. If it’s scary and energizing at the same time, you’re on the right path.

If you, like me, believe that most people can become more, we can also conclude here that it’s easy.

Otherwise, most people would immediately do it.

The truth is… they don’t.

Because the past is a tough competitor to beat, preventing you from leaving your comfort zone.

So I’m not saying it’s easy.

But like many tough journeys, they all start with a first step. It’s a matter of just starting.

Your turn: can you become more?

Do more of what makes you happy!


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