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Your Most Memorable Year! 🗓️

What would make your year 2024 truly memorable when you look back on December 31st, 2024?

Happy New Year!

2024 has just begun. I hope this year will give you all you wish for and have planned to accomplish.

Allow me a few sentences still about 2023.

2023 could have been a better year for me. 

My mother passed away this year. My kids are now both out of the house. It sounds perhaps a bit dramatic, but it felt like a double loss. Work was good, but not great.

These occasions led to much reflection about accomplishments, values, ambitions, and dreams yet to be accomplished. 

There were also positive moments. An anniversary trip to the Maldives, a family trip to Iceland, and a ‘see the sun’ week in Bali.

So, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. 

There was just a lot to consider going forward.

2023 was a memorable year. 

That’s for sure. I will always remember 2023 going forward. 

And I would like 2024 to be an even more memorable year. And this time more from a positive point of view.

That’s my intention for 2024.

Life starts with intentions. 

Let’s pause here for a moment, and let me ask you this.

What memories pop into your head when you think of 2023?

Which memories happened to you, and which did you intentionally create?

What are the lessons here for 2024?

And what intentions do you have for 2024 to make it a memorable year?

Perhaps even your most memorable year!!

What dreams do you have that are still on the drawing board, waiting to be executed?

What scares you a little, would put you out of your comfort zone, but when accomplished, results in colossal satisfaction?

What would you like to learn and master? In what area would you like to have more autonomy in what you do?

How does all the above align with your purpose and values? Do they need readjustment?

These are all questions that will help you on your way.

But the million dollar question is, what would make your year 2024 truly memorable when you look back on December 31st, 2024?

What do you really want to see happen?

What is your ambition, and what goals are needed to fulfill that ambition? 

Limit yourself to two to three goals that help that ambition become reality. 

Memorable is not about quantity. Memorable is about quality.

Memorable is about making choices you’ve had in your mind, perhaps already for a long time, but have yet to commit to.

So, what will be different this time?

Don’t just continue reading without taking a moment to reflect on the question above.

What will be different for you in 2024?

I know what will be different for me.

I’m going on a journey. A journey of 52 weeks, and I’m taking you with me. 

If you like.

You can respond to me by clicking here, or you can come back to me on Friday.

This Friday, I will unfold the plans for my journey in 2024.

It will be a memorable journey, I know for sure. I will grow, learn, fall, get up again, succeed, and make myself proud.

Love the journey!

Your turn: Happy New Year! May it be your most memorable year. 

Click here and write YES. No games. No gimmicks. More details this Friday, the fifth of January. 


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